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Learndirect Ltd, stylised as learndirect, is a British training provider founded in 2000.


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Former Employee - Office Administrator says

"Terrible management, Staff treatment is awful"

Former Employee - Regional Manager says

"the last 9 months of working for them was a blame game, assessors having 50-70 on caseload including FS, bad sign ups, massive changes on SLT and finally poor leadership"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"company doesn't care about staff only money. Health and safety out the window when it comes to getting the job done at all costs to staff"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"The redundancies process happened and a company where everyone knew their role and where to go for what they needed then became an atmosphere where individuals are protective of their roles due to having a job one day and not the next. DTS acquiring learndirect has changed the mould of the company completely and not in a positive manner. The company has become smaller and the ethics is do or die type mentality. Staff are more scared and unsure of their roles than ever before. Every single little thing needs to be signed off by the owner and lacks a long term vision. All in all there is nothing good about learndirect anymore."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Nothing is treated with respect or done correctly. From internal staff, learners, suppliers and information security...its all a horror show. No thought is put into anything that is done...its all done fast, easy and a as cheap as possible!!!"

Former Employee - Surveyor/Project Manager says

"Cutbacks and outsourcing of building services. I was T.U.P.E.D over to the new company and them made immediately redundant, very shabby practice. To add insult to injury, they then refused to honour the expenses that I had already accrued amounting to over £1500:00, siting an E-Mail that I did not receive. These are the tactics of a second hand car salesman, very poor."

Former Employee - Tutor says

"A list too long to go into BUT a management team that ran us into the ground with an arrogant belief that they could get a good OFSTED grade. Once the truth was out they a)tried to hide their mismanagement by blaming hard working dedicated staff, then b) jumped ship to LDA leaving hundreds of employees to be made redundant in small batches so as to avoid press coverage and more importantly, so as to avoid lengthy notice periods. A cynical self seeking bunch of incompetents that will no doubt bring down the new version."

Former Employee - English Teacher says

"Incompetent managers, low wages, huge pressure to push students through the programmes as fast as possible (even if they are are ready for exams), students seen simply as cash cows or "bums-on-seats"."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Too many to list here but in the new world a job title is meaningless. All positions could be put under a single job description which would be 'whatever the owner wants at any time of day'"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"With the exception of a certain Scottish fellow, everyone in SLT was too busy playing "keys in a bowl, down with your trousers, who is next for a promotion!" with each other to listen to any problems, come up with any solutions, or basically do the job they were paid to do. Whatever that job was. That and drinking Irish-only Diet Coke"

Course booking executive (Current Employee) says

"Where do I start. ???? Point one: let’s start with me and a fellow loyal and consistent colleague of mine tried to kill ourselves due to the stress and pressure this job brings to our lives.We were unfairly dismissed With no legal grounds or evidence to support this, just poor management and lack of support and care for their employees.Point two: They are money grabbing fuglyhumans who don’t give a single dam about anything other than the moola.They will use you and suck the life out of your soul in addition to ensuring they can and will do everything in their power to do so. The benefits they promise are non existent and the hours expected from you are ridiculous. There is zero progression available, so if you’re happy to live your life in shackles as a slave then by all means apply (take the shackles off ma feet so I can dance (8) !!!! )on a serious note doe, the management is extremely poor and they only care about your performance, they look down on you if you have a social life and want to finish at 5pm which is contracted salaried hours, I was told I couldn’t even attend my own parents funeral due to a car crash where they dismembered limb by limb, all I have left of my mother is her left toe that I store in ice under my pillow so I can stay as close to her as possible. RIP mum, fly high with the angels. Why is it always the best taken so soon, I still can’t get over that the only memory I have of my mum is her toe covered in verrucas and warts. They say bazooka that verruca, but bazooka could never fill the hole left in my heart.Why?????!!!! Why god why ???!!!!!!!!!!They have a downstairs portapotty that’s, great for tommy tanks and fire mirrors for, them fire selfiesHours, sly and snaky managers, unachievable targets, unrealistic expectations as a human with a social life"

Learning Support Advisor (Former Employee) says

"Will only get the job if they like you instead of skills and knowledge and must be part of the management clique. No development and very very low pay. Management and CEO - Nepotism No BAME employers at top level.NoneNo progression."

Crew Member (Former Employee) says

"The managers lie, HR cover up everything- they manage ppl out all the time. They use you and the pay is so low. They don’t appreciate anything you do. They manipulate the audits. Complete corrupt company.NoneThe whole thing is a con"

Tutor/Assessor (Former Employee) says

"Senior managers were very poor and did not have the correct insight to the day to day running of the business. I wanted to help up-skill people however, managers just wanted to get as much money from the government as possible!"

Senior Business Development Manager (Former Employee) says

"They were a terrible company to work for with managers who were more worried about their own jobs than their employees. Targets were pointless and impossible to hit"

Dental Nurse Trainer and Assessor (Former Employee) says

"Do not work for this company Huge caseloads is students to look after Huge areas to cover No thanks No benefits Ridiculous targets to meet for bonuses that you will Never meet! Spoken to and treated like dirtNothingEverything"

Trainer/Assessor (Former Employee) says

"The Management at a senior level did not care about anyone below their pay grade. They bullied and abused all who worked for them. Some of the lower level management were brilliant, and then there were others who would throw you under the bus to save their own hide. Standard-overworked and underpaid. If you did not do overtime (unpaid of course) you would be dragged over hot coals for underperforming, with a massive caseload spread far and wide which made it utterly impossible to do a good job without working 70+hour weeks.NoneAn Endless List"

Trainer Assessor (Former Employee) says

"Having worked for the company for almost 3 years, as a Trainer Assessor, I would never recommend LD as a good employer, the Assessors on my team were great people, however they all left, as an assessor you really are just a number and support is minimal, when you do ask and try to go through official channels after not being supported by your manager, that stil gets ignored, in my experience the only thing of importance was quantity and not quality of delivery, career advancement is not on the radar at all, the working hours expected are excessive with over 50 hours needed to be worked just to get the minimum covered, you only get paid for 37.5! Don't expect any support with your own development and at Standardisation meetings its apparent that the volume of staff turn over is high, as the amount of new faces was concerning.I no longer work there and now enjoy being an Assessor at my new employer.Long hours, poor management structure, quantity and not quality Focused"

Training Consultant (Former Employee) says

"Not recommended, very stressful, too much admin and no work life balance. Was a good company before Learndirect took it over. Poor management and not very supportive"

Trainer (Former Employee) says

"The management offered no support and had completely unrealistic expectations of staff. When I tried to explain that I couldn’t keep up with workload or that certain tasks were physically impossible for me to do, I was told “you’ll just have to find a way”. I spent my time doing 2 full-time jobs and working overtime most days, including taking work home with me. Overtime pay / time in lieu was never an option. Both Managers I had during my employment had no experience of Training and were therefore completely unqualified to manage myself and the rest of my team. I was promised at job offer a dual role of Trainer & Team Leader, and I left my previous role for this reason as I wanted to progress. However I quickly realised that I was never going to be Team Leader and the same promise had been made to 2 other members of my team. I fully disclosed health conditions at interview and again when starting work and I was assured that reasonable adjustments would be made, but again these were false promises and every time I tried to remind my manager of what was agreed I was made to feel like I was just whining. The CEO sent several emails denying that the company was in trouble and reassuring us that we were all going to keep our jobs. We then found out we were all being made redundant on the training side of the business by email, we weren’t even given the courtesy of a brief visit. I didn’t stay for the last 6 months before the training side of the company closed as I had started job seeking 3 months in to my role and I was delighted when I had the opportunity to give notice and leave.Being next door to M&S was the only positive of working here!False promises, unrealistic expectations of staff, not following the Equality Act"

IAG Officer (Former Employee) says

"I worked for this company for a short while and within my first week i was told to leave by fellow members of staff. in total my first month i counted 12 people leaving . from then on at least four members of staff left each week. The management have no idea of what their doing and are only bothered about targets. They seem not interested in educating people at all even hiring none qualified people .NoneTo many to mention"

Course Booking Executive (Former Employee) says

"They say it's 9-5 but they make the targets physically impossible to hit where they force each staff member to work until 9pm in order to hit them, even in some cases past 9pm which is illegal due to OFCOM regulations. No staff care and next to nothing training after your first week. The pay is really good but not worth 12 hours slavery and pressure everydayGood payUnpaid overtime, constant pressure, no job security"

Training Assessor (Former Employee) says

"Unrealistic targets, working hours, high caseloads. Constant changes and management restructures. High staff turnover, have seen many hard working people managed out constructively. Lack of training/qualifications available for staff. Offices closed due to cost cut. Threat of performance management through new pay structure. Not many current staff actually happy. Higher management not interested in the ground workers, all about quantity. Not a good place to work if you rate your health and sanity!!Hard working colleagues.Too many!"

Trainer Assessor for the West Midlands (Former Employee) says

"Work from home was good, could upload ok, although software could erase all uploads. When at office, internet mostly did not work with other staff demeaning the system and management. I sat my exams for functional skills at level 2 for Maths, English and ICT and passed them. New software to upload tasks. Learnt to register learners for qualifications and exams. Sorting 42 learners given to me (acquired from three TA's who left the company) working on Hospitality, Business Administration, ITQ, Customer Service, Team Leading and Management at Level 2 & Level 3. Learnt that most qualifications need technical certificates and function skills exams to be completed. All to do with funding. Very helpful co-workers if time permitted. A quick short training done without equipment to do practicals. Given a caseload where the learners have four months to complete qualification. Incomplete training and different training on the same subject provided by OM and RQA for uploads, which created confusion for a long time. Training learners and seeing them achieve. Completed 3 learners in their qualification. Completed 16 exams.Work from homeLong hours, 4 hours driving per day with 42 learners on my caseload."

innovation and learning lead (Former Employee) says

"I was at the company for just over two years. The learndirect that I started in to the present company is two worlds apart. A great working environment with friendly faces has now turned into a culture of a scare culture, the owner is a bully and so is his friends around him. Everything is signed off by the owner and thus give no ownership or accountability to staff. He might as well run the company on his own. Expenses have to be signed off by him and him alone and event then you would be lucky to receive them. From an employee that has left the company, the best advice I could give is stay well away!!NoneThe list is endless."

Manager (Current Employee) says

"Inexperienced senior managers. Massive and unrealistic targets are set and most employees are on performance improvement plans. No one enjoys their job and more staff leave every week than can be recruited so everyone is expected to pick up the slack. Avoid working here if you can.None"

Assessor/trainer (Current Employee) says

"guess you kiss this one goodbye. They changed to a pay and progression model which is affected by non achiever leavers which you have little control over then don't allow you to sign others up to make adjustmentsnono life"

Anonymous (Current Employee) says

"Would I recommend working for Learndirect? Not at present. The turnover of staff is very high and change in working practices constant. That along with the instability of four new business centre managers in less than a year has made it a very difficult year. Over 50% of staff lost their jobs in late 2015 and redundancy still looms along with the threat of being put on PIP (Performance Improvement Plans) when unobtainable targets are not reached, as referrals are not being received. Leading to an unstable and stressful work environment. Hopefully in 2016 it will stabilise. Staff now expected to work Evenings and Weekends to hit targets. No work life balance. Learndirect is slow with training for it's own staff. Courses are sometimes delivered by under qualified staff due to delays in training. Learndirect management agree to delivery training without checking their staff are qualified or available. This puts pressure on staff to enhance their skills set in unrealistic timescales, without any compensation. IT support for an organisation that delivers e-learning is appalling. It takes weeks, sometimes months for new employees to receive equipment, access and ID passes. Often spending first month of employment without any. The internet connection is practically non existent and the loss of internet connection is a daily occurrence. Fibre optics are only just being installed.Risk of redundancy, unqualified management, contract changes, long hours"

Production and Maintenance Co-ordinator (Former Employee) says

"Wonderful to work for when I started there but gradually declined once became a corporate. Since then numerous rounds of redundancies and no clear strategy.Able to work from homeJob insecurity"

Anonymous (Current Employee) says

"You lose track of who is coming and who is going. Change of managers occurs so frequently that you lose track of what's going on. There is no job security as being made redundant every two years.Some staff members are friendlyNo personal development and progression"

Matti says

"Honestly the worst money I have ever spent. I don\'t even know where to begin... There were countless spelling and grammatical errors in all of my learning materials and assessment questions, which took dozens of emails in order to finally talk to the right person about. In the end I was the one who put the text through a Word spell checker which is such a waste of my time, why couldn\'t they have done this themselves? The portal and handbook were irrelevant, even though upon signing in to my account for the first time I was told to read the handbook , it became apparent that it was an old version. Again I had to get in touch only to be told there isn\'t a relevant handbook to date! This meant I had no idea how to navigate the site, or how anything worked in general. As soon as I transferred the £500+ that\'s it they don\'t really want to hear or deal with you, any correspondence from the manager or head of department was generic corporate copy and paste apologies, met with no actual solutions. They emphasise that they are here to help 24/7 which is a complete lie. You can call between 9am and 5pm on weekdays, that\'s it; and emails take days to be seen and replied to. There is so much waffle in the learning materials, which don\'t seem to be written by an expert in the subject ( I am studying the HLTA level 4 Teaching Assistant role). This along with all of the mistakes throughout the texts makes them so tedious to read, especially when the assessment questions often ask things that weren\'t even mentioned in the learning materials. Honestly I regret doing this so much I wish I could steer people away from Learndirect. I don\'t know where the positive reviews are coming from online - after all of this they don\'t even offer refunds. "

Reece Hunt says

"Do not use this company. Tried to cancel within 14 days and couldn't contact anyone despite sending emails and leaving voicemails. They then said that I can't cancel because it's over the 14 days. They don't follow their own policy."

Mr Da Silva says

"I posted a negative review 5 days ago "They don't honour their Terms & Conditions". Learndirect replied to my review with a blatant lie by saying: "Our cancellation procedure is detailed within our Terms and Conditions and we are very strict on this being followed accordingly." Their T&Cs regarding Cancellations, which can be found online on their website, state: "To cancel your course you must contact the customer service team 01202 006346 within office hours Monday -Friday 9am-5pm. Please note cancellations cannot be accepted via email or postal format." As instructed by their T&Cs I called them on Friday 11 September (same day I signed up for the course) to cancel my course purchase, but they refused to do so. Their representative said I would receive a link to a form for me to fill in on Monday. On Saturday I received a call from someone at Learndirect asking me how I was getting on with the course. I explained that I had requested a cancellation the day before, but the representative told me she was not aware of a cancellation request from me. I then called Learndirect again on Monday and they finally emailed me the link to the cancellation form WHICH IS NOT PART OF their cancellation procedure stated in their T&Cs. Their representative on the phone threatened to ignore my cancellation request if I didn't fill in the form and submitted it back to them for review even though I argued that I didn't have to do that as it is not stated in their T&Cs. I'd also like to point out that when I first signed up for the course on the phone, I asked their sales representative if they could provide me with a course sample for me to try before buying, but he said that I would have 14 days to try the course after paying for it, and that all I had to do to cancel was to call their cancellation team. He didn't tell me that I would have to call them twice, wait for a link to a form, fill in the form, submit it back to them, and wait for them to review and approve my request. It has been more than 7 days since I first called to request cancellation and refund, but I still have not received my refund."

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